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Environmental Project Experience

McKnight Creek Environmental Impact Assessment (Synex International Ltd) 

Baseline studies were conducted in the McKnight Creek watershed, south of Prince Rupert, to document fish and fish habitat as well as wildlife and water quality. Data collected was analyzed and presented in support of a Water Licence application. Impacts related to the diversion of water for hydro power purposes were identified and appropriate mitigation measures presented.

Golden Bear Mine - Ursa Expansion Baseline Fisheries Study (Steffen, Roberston, and Kirsten (SRK) Canada Inc)

Baseline studies related to fish, wildlife, water quality and hydrology were carried in Sam Creek, northwest of Dease Lake, BC, to provide background data in support of a mine expansion application. Field activities included fish sampling, habitat surveys, water quality measurements and sampling and flow measurements.

Brown Lake Project (Synex Energy Resources Ltd)

Multidisciplinary environmental impact assessment, impact management plan, and approvals for a 6 MW hydroelectric development near Prince Rupert, BC. The project continues with ongoing baseline studies, construction and impact monitoring, mitigation recommendations and permitting issues.

Salmo River Inventory and Assessment (Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program)

A baseline inventory and assessment of fish and fish habitat was conducted in the Salmo River and its main tributaries. In addition, the study involved an evaluation of a coarse fish barrier, a cursory assessment of the sport fishery, and documentation of existing and future land use impacts. The study examined factors limiting the salmonid population and identified potential enhancement/restoration opportunities.

Squamish River Fall and Winter Flow Ramping Studies: Fish Habitat Use and Stranding Assessment (BC Hydro, Corporate Safety and Environment)

Fish habitat use studies and water level monitoring were conducted in fall, winter and spring to document stage changes that resulted from the Cheakamus Generating Station. The stage change data were correlated to the fish habitat use data to identify patterns of fall and winter fish stranding and pothole trapping and to provide operating recommendations to reduce stranding potential.

Biophysical Inventory and Identification of Enhancement Opportunities in Archibald Creek, Whistler (Taina Developments Corporation)

A biophysical inventory consisting of fish sampling and completion of FHIIP Stream Survey Forms was conducted. The species of interest was rainbow trout which was anticipated to be the main sport fish species. The report included identification and prioritization of enhancement opportunities, and an assessment of potential bridge construction impacts.

Revelstoke Reservoir Culvert Assessment (Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program)

Investigation of Revelstoke Reservoir drainages to determine fish presence and fish passage problems at road crossings, and prescribe follow-up measures required to plan or undertake remedial actions.

Fish Flow Overview Study (BC Hydro, Environmental Resources)

Assistance with research for and preparation of an overview report on existing and potential impacts of all BC Hydro hydroelectric facilities on fish and aquatic habitat.

Spillimacheen River Fish and Fish Habitat Studies (BC Hydro, Environmental Resources)

Assessment of effects of undersluice opening on aquatic habitat and assessment of fish and fish habitat in lower Spillimacheen River, tributary to upper Columbia River.

Shuswap River Flow Availability (BC Hydro)

Engineering design, environmental assessment, and approvals for the diversion of a portion of the flows from McKnight Lake into the nearby Brown Lake reservoir via a lake intake, 420 metre long tunnel and 1,200 metre long pipeline.

Fish Assessment of the Clayton Falls Creek Hydro Plant Expansion (Synex Energy Resources Ltd)

Assessment and design of tailrace/spawning channel for 2 MW hydroelectric plant near Bella Coola, BC.

Ptarmigan Creek (Robson Valley Power Corp)

Fish studies, coordination of construction monitoring, and engineering design of fisheries mitigation works, including fish fence and spawning and rearing habitat, at a small hydro project in central BC.

Fording Thermal Power Project (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)

Evaluation of the impact assessment of a thermal power project.

Land Development Guidelines Monitoring (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)

Review of oil water separators, leave strips and wetland detention pond methodologies.

Peace River Flows Impact Study - Fisheries (BC Hydro)

Review of existing data to assess impacts of low flows on downstream fish populations.

Aishihik Relicensing Project (Yukon Electrical Co Ltd / Yukon Energy Corp)

Coordination of comprehensive multidisciplinary environmental assessment studies for project relicensing.

Environmental and Socioeconomic Screening Reports for Small Hydro Projects (KMC Energy Corp)

Preliminary impact assessment and preparation of Environmental and Socioeconomic Screening reports for two small hydro projects in southwestern BC.

Environmental and Engineering Studies for Export Power Projects (Western Pacific Powergen Corp)

Evaluation of environmental issues and preparation of prospectus documents as part of the Energy Project Certificate Application process for 4 BC export power projects.

Cheakamus and Clowhom Plant Evaluations (B.C. Hydro)

Use of Small Reservoir Operations Model (SROM) to examine optimization of the operation of the Cheakamus and Clowhom Generating Plants under proposed changes to the plant operating conditions.

Columbia River Integrated Environmental Sampling Program (BC Ministry of Environment, BC Hydro, Cominco, Celgar)

Design of an integrated program to monitor the quality of water, sediment and biota of the lower Columbia River.

Nechako River Winter Conditions (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)

Field monitoring of ice conditions on the Nechako River, assessment of ice models and review of dissolved oxygen monitoring techniques.

Queen Charlotte Islands (Council of the Haida Nation)

Technical review of the Cinola Gold Project (Stage I Report) for a proposed open-pit gold mine.

Proposed Boundary Bay Regional Park (Greater Vancouver Regional District)

Conceptual design options for development of a major high quality sand beach while maintaining vegetation and wildlife values in an existing tidal salt marsh. Environmental criteria were identified and concepts to develop a freshwater marsh using a drainage system and dikes were prepared.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Development of water quality criteria manual for the operation of salmonid hatcheries. Development of aeration methods for salmonid hatchery water supplies.


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